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Quality welding is a critical process of fabrication. There are many factors involved in producing a proper weld. It takes years of experience, a proper understanding of the metallurgy, the right conditions, and the right equipment.

It’s not too difficult to lay a decent looking weld but it may fail under normal operating conditions if other factors are not taken into consideration. At Advanced Metal Fabrication and Machine, Inc. our welders have the knowledge and experience to not only produce cosmetic welds, but welds that will also function as intended. Just a few of the important factors to be considered include the following.

  • Pulling and distortion from heat
  • Correct penetration
  • Understanding metallurgical changes
  • Effects of contaminants
  • Understanding the customer’s welding specifications
  • Understanding the cosmetic factors

Because we have a full service machine shop we are able to quickly and efficiently produce our own weld fixtures when required. This allows us to take on production work with reduced costs and lower setup times, even at lower volumes.

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