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Fabrication and Machining Services

Advanced Metal Fabrication and Machine, Inc. is a customer service focuses, people driven company with a commitment to quality and efficiency. Over thirty-seven years we have a developed a highly skilled staff with broad experience, and brought a broad range of precision fabrication and machining capabilities under one roof.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Many people believe sheet metal fabrication is a crude, imprecise process only suitable for the basic shapes.

The truth is sheet metal is the probably the most versatile fabrication material around. Most people are astounded at the incredible diversity of objects that we can produce from sheet metal using advanced fabrication techniques and equipment, even assuming we must have CNC machined them.

Custom Machining

Do you have a machining project other shops don’t want to touch? We have the facilities and skilled staff to handle complex and specialty machining.

Many machine shops are set up only for volume production. Our shop is set up for both custom and production machining. We have installed multiples of virtually all of our equipment allowing some of it to be used for high output, and some of it to be used for specialty machining work.

One of our advantages is that with twenty-three years of experience machining from SolidWorks we can take your solid model files and convert them directly to CNC programs for our equipment. This dramatically cuts set-up time, back and forth, and reduces the possibility of human error.

Laser Cutting

As a shop focused on quality and turnaround we prefer laser cutting’s accuracy, nice clean edges, and high output.

As one of the first shops in Arizona to deploy a laser cutter twenty-six years ago we’ve developed considerable in-house expertise. One example of is the the ability to control hole deformation on pieces that will be shaped after cutting. This removes the need to go back and cut precision holes once a part has been formed, greatly improving turn around and precision.

Prototype Development

Do you have an idea or a design for something and need someone to help you through the process of turning it into a reality? We have a lot of experience building prototypes and can provide considerable guidance to help you avoid common pitfalls expenses.

We can help you design and build your prototype in such a way as to improve manufacturability of the final product.

Precision Tube Fabrication

Having weldments such as equipment frames fabricated from tubing by other shops is often frustrating. The delivered product is frequently out of specification due to warpage introduced during welding or because of other difficult to control factors.

At Advanced Metal Fabrication and Machine, Inc. the consistent and accurate fabrication of frames and other weldments is one of our specialties. Decades of experience and special techniques and processes allow us to produce frames and other structures with with considerably higher accuracy and consistency than other shops. Often we can deliver high accuracy weldments in half the time it takes other shops.

Assembling parts and equipment to frames with multiple mount points on different sub components is another challenge other shops struggle with, our experience and processes allow us to reliably produce weldments with consistent, precise inter-mount relationship geometry.


As part of our commitment to producing to a higher standard, and out preforming the industry we have developed special in-house processes for dramatically reducing set-up time, increasing throughput, and ensuring repeatability in our welding department.

Wether you need just one, or thousands of something, the consistency, and precision of our welding impress you.