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Design Services

Our engineering and design team has an in-depth knowledge of both sheet metal and machining best practices. Using solid modeling CAD software we can often times help our customers design parts and assemblies that not only function well but are also cost-effective to manufacture. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing the material type and or thickness. Other times it can be more involved, requiring more extensive design changes.

Have an idea for a product that needs to be designed completely from the bottom up?

We have many customers who we have partnered with to develop and design completely new parts and assemblies. One advantage in starting with a clean slate so to speak is that we have the greatest amount of flexibility and we are able to entertain many different possibilities. By taking full advantage of the latest technology in solid modeling software we are able to design your product completely in the CAD system before going into production. This helps bring to light any unforeseen issues with the design that might need to be addressed as well as help to identify improvements that can be made. You are then able to review and sign off on the design prior to manufacturing, knowing ahead of time exactly what you’re going to get. Our goal is to help you be successful and to create a long-term relationship that benefits everyone involved.

We can Work Directly With Your Files Improving Quality and Turnaround

Traditionally, drawings are supplied by the customer which are then used to create the geometry and programs used by the CNC machinery. When our customers supply us with their CAD files we can usually use them to create the CNC programs for manufacturing the part; essentially skipping a time-consuming step in the manufacturing process. In addition to greatly expediting the manufacturing process, this also helps to reduce the element of human error involved when having to recreate geometry based on drawings. We use SolidWorks which is very versatile and allows us to work with a range of file types from various CAD systems. Below is a list of the most common types of files that we can work with. If you already have a SoldWorks file or other CAD file of your part or assembly there’s a good chance we can work directly with it to improve turn-around and quality.

Here is a partial list of the files we can work with

  • .sldprt (Solidworks Part File)
  • .sldasm (Solidworks Assembly File)
  • .x_t (Parasolid)
  • .igs or .iges (IGES)
  • .step or .stp (ISO 10303-21 STEP)
  • .dxf (AutoCAD & others)
  • .dwg (AutoCAD & others)

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