Do you have a project which requires compound curves, variable radius bends, interfering parts, or which has other complication? Most shops shy away from this kind of work, but "advanced metal fabrication" is right there in our name; it's the very of what we do, and we do it very well. With thirty-four years in the "that's going to be tricky to make" business, we've learned a few things, we have all the equipment, and an inventory of tooling the envy of any job shop.

A lot of complex sheet metal work can only be done, or be done much faster with custom tooling. Because we have a complete machine shop in house we make our own custom tooling all the time. That allows us to easily take on complex jobs. Making our own tooling in house is not only less expensive than outsourcing, it dramatically reduces setup time. Other shops can take weeks, even months to get tooling made for a tricky project. However, our design and machine departments can produce tooling in as little as one day. This allows us to get your project to you very quickly, even if it's quite challenging.

Related Projects

Image representing Bicycle Frame Component

Bicycle Frame Component

Complex aluminum fabrication for a bike frame.


Image representing Complex Equipment Cover

Complex Equipment Cover

Complex part with many surfaces, compound curves and intersecting bends


Image representing Radial bracket with Compound Curves

Radial bracket with Compound Curves

Small and complex fabricated clamping bracket.


Image representing Complex small bracket

Complex small bracket

A small complex sheet metal bracket with 6 bends, and multiple holes.


Image representing Large conical structure with interescting compound curves.

Large conical structure with interescting compound curves.

A large complex 12-foot diameter conical fabrication.


Image representing Electropolished Stainless Steel Part

Electropolished Stainless Steel Part

An Electropolished Stainless Steel Assembly


Image representing Louvered electronics chassis

Louvered electronics chassis

Stainless steel chassis for electronics equipment with louvers


Image representing Equipment Part with Difficult Bends

Equipment Part with Difficult Bends

This part features two tricky bends which require custom tooling.


Image representing Very Small Sheet Metal Component

Very Small Sheet Metal Component

This very small sheet metal component has four bends but smaller than a quarter.